Astronomers have found a planet where a year lasts only 5 days

(ORDO NEWS) — There is an unusual exoplanet just 530 light years from planet Earth. It is gigantic in size, about 3 times larger than Jupiter, covered with red-hot lava and completely unfit for life.

The exoplanet was discovered using the TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) telescope.

The planet moves in a very small orbit, one revolution around the star lasts only 5 days. The object was named TOI-778 b. Scientists say that the find is very similar to Jupiter from our solar system.

The planet is only 9 million km from its star, and the temperature on the surface reaches 1227 degrees.

It is clear that such conditions do not allow organisms to originate and live here, it is so hot here that even iron cannot evaporate.

A star around which a giant planet rotates is 40% more massive than our Sun and more than 70% larger in size. It rotates around its axis at a speed of about 40 km/s.

The temperature on the surface of the star is over 6500 degrees. These are truly hellish conditions compared to earthly ones.

Found TOI-778 b by accident. The fact is that the scientist observed the star at the exact moment when the planet passed by it. The glow of the luminary darkened a little, that’s how the discovery happened.

The planet TOI-778 b was discovered by a scientist named Jake T. Clark. Before finding it in space, he studied about 200,000 stars and found about 6,000 candidates for exoplanets.

Today, astronomers are most interested in this type of planet, because it is the most interesting to study. You can analyze the star system in which it rotates, look for signs of life on the surface of the planets, etc.


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