Astronomers have found a hot planet, the size of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of astronomers from different countries used a special TESS spacecraft and with its help they were able to fix an Earth-sized planet that was previously unknown to specialists. As it was found, it is much hotter than our planet.

A new discovery was made with the help of a modern apparatus, which was created specifically to not only find, but also thoroughly explore transit-type exoplanets.

The method is based on the fact that the rotating planets will from time to time block the light that comes from the star and which we can see with the help of special equipment.

Such fluctuations can be fixed without problems by applying TESS. Further, experts use other tools to help not only check, but also identify the planet.

In the course of the latest study, it was possible to confirm the existence of the planet. She was given the name GJ 3929 b.

The object has a size slightly larger than that of the Earth and a fairly large mass. The radius of the new planet is about 1.15 times greater than the radius of our planet, and the mass reaches a mark that is 1.21 times greater than the mass of the Earth.

The exoplanet revolves at great speed around its parent star. It takes only 2.61 days for one revolution. It is worth noting that the space object is located at a distance of 0.0026 astronomical units from the star.

Due to such a close location, the temperature on the surface of the planet reaches 296 degrees Celsius. This world is incredibly hot, especially when compared to Earth.

In turn, the parent star of the new exoplanet has a size and weight about three times smaller than the Sun. The duration of its rotation around its own axis reaches 122 days.

The luminosity index is 0.011 solar luminosity. If we take into account space measurements, then the star is at the minimum distance from our planet – only 51.6 light years.


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