Astronomers have discovered a second Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of astronomers using the TESS satellite, designed to search for and study transiting exoplanets, has discovered a previously unknown planet the size of Jupiter, but much lighter than it.

The new exoplanet has been designated TOI-3757 b. In size, it turned out to be slightly larger than Jupiter, but its mass is more than three times inferior to the mass of the largest planet in the solar system.

As specified in the study, TOI-3757 b has a radius of about 1.09 Jupiter radii, and its mass is approximately 0.268 Jupiter masses.

Such characteristics make the newly opened world unique in its kind. It has the lowest density of all known objects orbiting M-class dwarf stars.

The parent star TOI-3757, belonging to this class, is located at a distance of about 578 light-years from Earth. It is about 37 percent smaller than our Sun, and its mass is about a third less than the Sun.

Observations have shown that the discovered exoplanet revolves around it every 3.44 days. The equilibrium temperature of this “alien world” is estimated at 485 degrees Celsius.

Let us add that the parent star TOI-3757 has a metallicity level comparable to that of the Sun.

This means that it has the lowest metallicity of all M-class dwarfs orbited by gas giants. By the way, the age of this star is estimated at 7.1 billion years.


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