Astronomers have discovered a planet similar to arth and as ancient as our galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — The TESS telescope, used as part of a mission to search for distant exoplanets, has discovered a planet similar to Earth, but with amazing characteristics. The planet has three times the mass of the Earth and is 50% larger than our planet in size. Astronomers consider it one of the oldest planets in the Milky Way.

The planet received the designation TOI-561b and is one of the oldest in the entire galaxy, as it orbits one of the first stars.

The planet is very hot and rocky. It is supposedly three times more massive and 50% larger than our planet. However, it has the same density as Earth. This circumstance amazed scientists very much.

For each earth day, this planet makes a double revolution around the parent star. Exoplanet is extremely ancient. Its existence indicates that the universe has been forming rocky planets almost since its inception, astronomers said.

In any case, there is not much hope of finding life on it, since its surface can reach 1700 Celsius, as a result of which any living creature that can live there will die within a few minutes.

Despite this, scientists believe that this discovery “may be a harbinger of many Rocky Worlds that are yet to be discovered among the oldest stars in our galaxy.”

An astronomer on a mission to search for exoplanets said that the chemical composition of the stars found in this area makes them very favorable for the formation of planets. For this reason, they will more thoroughly survey the area in order to discover new celestial bodies.


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