Astronomers found stars that can slow aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists managed some time ago to establish that white dwarfs can independently slow down their aging process and cool not as fast as many other stars. This indicates that some of the white dwarfs may actually be more ancient than previously assumed by experts.

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Scientists from several countries conducted a study in which they compared populations in two different clusters, M13 and M3. They studied over 700 white dwarfs in detail.

After the star runs out of its huge reserves of special thermonuclear “fuel”, it begins to gradually expand. The end result is the dumping of the “outer shell”. Such phenomena lead to the fact that an object with an incredibly high density index remains from the star, but at the same time it has a very small size. It is these objects that are called white dwarfs.

As recent studies have shown, some white dwarfs still managed to preserve their outer shell in fairly good condition. Experts found that objects continue to burn hydrogen on the surface, but not at such a high rate.

In order to study the white dwarfs, experts used modern modeling techniques, as well as images taken with the powerful Hubble telescope.


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