Astronomers find a star that went missing in 1987

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1987, astronomers discovered the death of a massive star in the Large Magellanic Cloud at a distance of about 165 thousand light years. At the same time, scientists did not find any signs of the completion of this process. After 33 years, astronomers were able to detect it. At least, their calculations show it.

Science is aware of several types of supernovae. Supernovae of the second type, which are the “parents” of a neutron star, are formed as a result of the death of a star, the weight of which is tens of times greater than our Sun.

Over time, the star begins to experience a lack of “fuel” to support nuclear fusion and becomes very unpredictable. As a result, it explodes, losing its outer shell, and its core becomes a neutron star.

The supernova, which was discovered by astronomers in 1987, made a real show in the night sky, when earthlings could observe it even with the naked eye. Later, no matter how hard the scientists tried, they could not find the traces of the star that appeared in the sky.

Only 33 years later, a team of scientists from Great Britain and Mexico using a telescope in Chile was able to detect a hot spot in outer space. A thick dust cloud enveloped the star, whose temperature reaches about 5 million degrees Celsius.

The incandescent matter penetrates into this cloud in the place where, according to the calculations of scientists, the star should be at the present time. In their calculations, scientists took into account the moment when a flash with great speed should have thrown a star.

Now scientists have no doubt that they have discovered the same star that disappeared thirty-three years ago. All that remains for astronomers is to wait for the dust to dissipate and they will receive more information about this object. However, this process can drag on for many years.


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