Astronomers figure out what makes galaxies spin

(ORDO NEWS) — For seven years, specialists from the University of Sydney have been studying a wide variety of galaxies, watching them grow and then die. In addition, scientists were able to establish what exactly makes them rotate.

As it was established during the study, the nature of galaxies largely depends not only on their mass, but also on the environment. Astronomers have noticed that galaxies have different rotational speeds.

They thought that perhaps it is the speed that can reflect the history of a particular galaxy.

It took a huge database to discover the patterns. Experts carried out the research using a special Sydney-AAO integrated field spectrograph.

The scientists used the obtained data in order to establish that galaxies with a large mass rotate several times slower. The reason for this is that such galaxies have arisen from the merger of a huge number of small objects.

At the same time, the direction of rotation for small galaxies, in most cases, is determined by those galaxies that are nearby.


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