Astronomers discovered mysterious ring-shaped structures

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers, exploring the vastness of the Universe, discovered four ring-shaped structures that are not similar to any object known to science.

The rings, which Live Science compares with floating islands , were given the temporary name “odd radio circles” (strange radio circles) or abbreviated ORCs, because in the radio range they look like bright glowing discs.

The distance to unidentified objects has not yet been established, as well as the nature of their origin.

Mysterious Ring Structures

ORCs are not fixed in the infrared, x-ray and optical ranges. Structures were discovered as part of the Evolutionary Map of the Universe project, when space was scanned for specific sources of radio emission.

“This discovery makes us understand how radio astronomy will develop in the next couple of years. History shows that when we start experimenting and testing new technologies, we always find exciting things, ”said Christine Speckens, astronomer of the Royal Military College of Canada.

Interesting hunch

As mentioned above, the nature of the origin of ORCs remains unknown, but we can confidently say that these are not supernovae, the process of star formation, planetary nebulae or the effects of gravitational lensing.

It is likely that ORCs are shock waves associated with some kind of galactic event (collision, merger), but without enough data, this is just a reasonable assumption.


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