Astronomers discovered a “black neutron star”

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrophysicists have announced the discovery of an unprecedented space object, which is something between black holes and neutron stars.

According to an article published in the popular science journal Scientific American, the object found is too small to be a black hole, but large enough to be a neutron star. Whatever it is, it is very clear that we know very, very little about the Universe …

Between a black hole and a neutron star

According to another article in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the mass of the find is 2.6 times the mass of the Sun, which is 0.1 solar mass more than the theoretical upper limit for neutron stars. However, the object does not reach the black hole, since the mass should be at least 5 times the mass of the Sun.

“I think that familiar models are gradually being destroyed. This finding was the first nail in the coffin of the main cosmological model, ”commented Philip Landry, a researcher at LIGO Observatory at California State University Fullerton.

What’s next?

The object was called the “black neutron star”, and now astronomers will try to figure out what it is and how it appeared.

“It is possible that such objects are formed very rarely, so we have not found anything like this before. I would like to understand what we are dealing with and, if possible, find similar bodies, ”said Duncan Brown, astronomer of the University of Syracuse, USA.


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