Astronomers discover ‘alien radio signal’ in constellation Cepheus

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have discovered an unusually fast radio burst in the constellation Cepheus, a kind of “alien radio signal” that lasted a record long time, about three seconds, while it had a strict periodicity, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) press service reported.

“We have never encountered such a frequency of space radio signals before,” said MIT researcher Daniel Mikilli, TASS reports.

For the first time, “alien radio signals”, mysterious FRB bursts, were received in 2007 during observations of neutron star pulsars at the Australian Parkes Observatory.

The source is located at a great distance from the Earth. At present, astronomers cannot say exactly how FRBs occur, or why only a small fraction of them repeat.

Radio astronomers have been trying to solve this problem for many years with the help of the Canadian CHIME telescope, which was created specifically for this.


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