Astronomers discover a planet with three suns

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of astronomers has shared the results of a new study that helped explain the strange structure of the triple star system GW Orionis, located in the constellation Orion. The simulation showed that there is a relatively young exoplanet of huge size in the system, which simultaneously revolves around three different stars at once. The research results were published in the scientific journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Reported by New Scientist.

For the first time, experts began to talk about the anomalous phenomenon at the beginning of last autumn. A huge number of very different assumptions were put forward, but none of them could explain such a triple system. The conducted research was the first, which basically contains information obtained using computer modeling.

Typically, planets revolve around one particular star and Earth is a great example of this. Scientists know several planets that revolve around two stars, but they have never encountered triple systems before.

The GW Orionis system lies 1,300 light-years from our planet. Around it is a huge disk, consisting of dust and gas. It is divided into two parts. Experts tried to understand what could have caused the disc rupture. In the end, they concluded that this gap was related to a massive exoplanet, which is about the same size as Jupiter. Due to the fact that it is too far away and surrounded by dust and gas, it is not possible to detect it using ground equipment.


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