Astronomers cannot understand why signals from black holes were delayed

(ORDO NEWS) — Two huge black holes, which swallowed up nearby stars, raised many questions from astronomers, because their signals began to arrive with a slight delay.

The first black hole is located 750 million light years from our planet. It absorbed a star that was very close to its edge. T

he light from such an interesting event was recorded by scientists in the spring of 2019. Six months later, the IceCube observatory was able to catch a single neutrino that arose as a result of this event.

Scientists have found that the power of a neutrino is 1 quadrillion electron volts. At the same time, it is not clear why he was six months late after covering such a long distance.

The second black hole is located 700 million light years from our planet. Absorption of the star was recorded in 2015, but the burst of radio waves did not appear until 2016. Another one was caught in 2019.

Assaf Horesh said that at the moment experts are trying to establish the exact reason for the delay in the signals. Scientists need to create new models to help explain this event. It is now speculated that jets of energy may have escaped after absorbing the star at an unusual angle, or shock waves were launched by the remnants of the star.


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