Astronomers are discovering new black holes

(ORDO NEWS) — News November 5-11. Astronomers have discovered a stellar-mass black hole closest to the Sun and a distant intermediate-mass black hole at the center of a dwarf galaxy.

Archaeologists have read the oldest inscription on a lice comb. Geomagnetic dating has refined the Bible.

You cannot see a black hole. Therefore, the discovery of any black hole is not only skill, but also luck.

Black holes

Using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii, astronomers have discovered the closest black hole to Earth.

Its mass is about 10 times that of the Sun, and it is located about 1600 light-years away in the constellation of Ophiuchus.

It was possible to open the nearest “black” neighbor thanks to careful observations of the movement of the black hole companion.

It is a sun-like star that orbits the black hole at about the same distance as the Earth orbits the Sun. According to the oscillations of the companion star, the black hole was identified.

Astronomers are discovering new black holes 2
Hubble’s ultraviolet camera sees a ring of stars forming around the galaxy’s core, home to black hole AT 2020neh

Another black hole is located much further – 850 million light-years from the Sun, in the center of a dwarf galaxy.

This black hole was seen when the star came so close to it that the star was torn apart by the tidal forces of the black hole. The flash turned out to be so strong that several ground-based telescopes noticed it at once.

Astronomers are discovering new black holes 3

In 2017, a comb made of ivory 3,700 years ago was found in Israel. In a new work, archaeologists have shown that the crest is not just randomly scratched, but has an inscription on it.

It is made by the ancient Canaanite alphabet. The inscription was deciphered: “Let this tusk uproot lice from hair and beard.” The genetic traces of lice on the crest were indeed found.

Another discovery is also associated with finds in Israel. Archaeologists have used the method of geomagnetic dating to refine the descriptions of wars in the Bible.

During fires, the stones are heated, and the Earth’s magnetic field “leaves” its direction in the melt.

How the Earth’s magnetic field has changed is known well enough, so that an accurate dating can be made from the geomagnetic trace. And during wars, fires are inevitable.

Archaeologists have been able to clarify the events that happened in 586 BC, when the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem.

It turned out that many small settlements around the city remained intact, but were destroyed by the Edomites several decades later. There are no such details in the Bible.



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