Astronomers are baffled by ghostly unidentified objects in deep space

(ORDO NEWS) — Professor of astrophysics at the University of Western Sydney Ray Norris and his colleague Anna Kalinskaya are preparing a scientific publication , which describes the “ghost” unidentified objects in deep space.

For the first time, “ghostly objects resembling smoke rings” were detected in September 2019, when the sky was scanned in the radio range.

“None of us have ever seen anything like it before. We have no idea what it is,” – commented on the discovery of mysterious objects Norris.

Objects received the designation “What the f****?” (“WTF?”)

The data were obtained by the new Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio interferometer, which consists of 36 parabolic antennas used to simultaneously scan large areas of the sky. Australian astronomers were so dumbfounded by the find that they immediately contacted colleagues around the world, asking them to double-check the data using other radio telescopes. Information about the existence of “WTF?” confirmed.

It was found that the diameter of the “ghostly” structures is several light years, but the distance to them is still unknown. Norris and some of his colleagues believe that objects may “be in our galaxy.”

Astronomers have ruled out several theories of the formation of mysterious objects, including the remnants of dying stars, rings of radio emission from star formation, and radio emission from intermediate-mass black holes.

Ray Norris and Anna Kalinskaya believe that the “ghost” structures can be associated with fast radio bursts, or represent powerful radio signals emanating from unidentified sources.

“Very rarely we have to deal with a new type of object that no one has seen before. We want to understand what it is, ”Norris said in an interview.


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