Astronomers are baffled by a strange phenomenon on Neptune

(ORDO NEWS) — Storm whirlwinds are considered quite normal for Neptune, but this time scientists have noticed something strange. Astronomers recorded how one of the vortices unexpectedly changed its direction and began to head back to the poles.

Scientists do not know why the vortex changed direction. This storm was named NDS-2018 and it is the fourth vortex that was recorded using special equipment. At the same time, he is very different from everyone else. Michael Wong said that this process was incredibly interesting to watch.

NDS-2018 was recorded two years ago. Until that time, the vortex was gradually increasing in size and in just a couple of years it reached 11 thousand kilometers across. In January of this year, Hubble again observed the vortex, which was supposed to head towards the equator from the North Pole. With the help of special equipment, one more spot was recorded, but slightly less than NDS-2018.

When the vortex began to be observed again in the early summer of 2020, it turned out that it again went north, and the previously discovered small spot completely disappeared. Scientists have no idea what happened and it is unlikely that they will be able to find out what kind of stain it was and why the curtain unfolded again. The reason for this is that Neptune is very difficult to observe, because it is too far from our planet.


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