Astronomer said that aliens are robots that destroyed their creators

(ORDO NEWS) — This is not the first time scientists have said that aliens may actually be artificial intelligence. For example, British astronomer Martin Rees believes that aliens are robots that have destroyed their creators.

Lord Martin Rees, Britain’s leading astronomer royal, has said he believes aliens visiting us will be robots.

Rhys said extraterrestrial beings would have nothing to do with humanity and would remain in their creators’ world, as seen in many sci-fi films. But we have seen more than once how science fiction turned into real science.

At the University of Connecticut, they worked on a team with other astronomers, including SETI Institute astronomer Seth Szostak and NASA astrobiologist Paul Davis, testing the likelihood that artificial intelligence could be created with artificial intelligence.

Seth Szostak said: “Most people have a typical idea of ​​aliens as they are biological beings, but it doesn’t make any sense in terms of time scales.”

“I bet dozens of astronomers that if we get an extraterrestrial signal, it will be the first artificial life.”

It is highly unlikely that human-like aliens can be found in the universe, says 74-year-old Lord Martin Rees. Organic intelligence looks like the boundary between biological life and the dominant machine age.

Since civilizations develop at different rates, it is unlikely that we will find intelligent life at the same stage of development as we do.

Scientist Stephen Hawking has previously warned that we should not expect aliens to come to Earth, while at the same time he believed that the development of AI could be “a valuable thing” for humanity.

“My guess is that if we find extraterrestrial intelligence, it will be completely different from us. It will be a kind of electronic organization,” said the astrophysicist.


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