Astronomer photographed the strange pulsating rays emanating from Venus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The amateur astronomer, whose name is not specified, photographed something mysterious and strange a few days ago. So, something was clearly happening on Venus: bright rays emitted from it, which pulsed.

The astronomer has not the most advanced equipment, but at the same time it was enough to make a loud discovery. The man also talks about the object he saw – the asteroid Muamua, which is characterized by an unusual shape. For several days now, the astronomer has been wondering if this body could have caused flashes on Venus.

Another theory is associated with the massive fall of asteroids, which, perhaps, caused flares. Or some aliens could carry out some manipulations: a man photographed not only an asteroid similar to a spaceship due to a strange shape, but also a lot of UFOs in outer space.

Probably, the truth can never be found out, since such incidents are of little interest to scientists. Even if they begin to study the question, they still will not give an exact answer due to the lack of sufficient materials.


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