Astronomer explains why no stars are visible in Apollo 11 images

(ORDO NEWS) — To this day, there is a debate about the world famous NASA landing on the moon. Many are convinced that this statement and everything connected with it is nothing more than a falsification. One of the astronauts explained this opinion of the majority.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to land on the surface of an Earth satellite during the Apollo 11 mission. 22 minutes later, Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, who then gave the well-known speech – “One small step for a man.”

Many are sure that this important event was falsified, because the stars cannot be seen in the pictures taken. Astronomer Keith Cooper explained why there are no stars in the photo. This explanation came from him after he was asked if you can see the stars if you are on the surface of the moon.

Keith Cooper talked about the astronauts landing on the bright side of the moon, so the stars might not be visible due to sunlight. If they flew to the dark side, then the stars would be clearly visible, because they would not be blocked by sunlight.

But for the conspiracy theorists, such an explanation is not enough, and they still continue to insist on their own and prove that the landing on the moon by American astronauts is just another falsification that should not be believed.

Despite numerous controversies, at the moment no one can prove whether the landing was actually carried out or whether it was fiction. Although most people are sure that this is true and the person really visited the Earth satellite.


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