Astronomer Caleb Scharf: Easiest way to find aliens who are in danger

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(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomer and director of the Astrobiological Center at Columbia University in New York, Caleb Scharf, believes that if there are highly advanced civilizations in the universe, then we probably won’t be able to detect them until they encounter catastrophic problems.

The scientist, guided by many years of experience in the search for extraterrestrial intelligent life, said that it is hardly possible to detect technosignatures (traces of technological progress) during the measured life of hypothetical aliens.

But if something extremely serious threatens their species (the approach of a huge asteroid , global warming, the invasion of viruses , etc.), then they will make every possible attempt to eliminate the threat.

Assuming that advanced aliens are threatened by global warming, they will be engaged in the transformation of their planet in order to survive as a species.

It is possible that, suffering from overpopulation, they will begin to terraform a neighboring planet, which will become a source of powerful technosignatures.

“It is possible that progressive aliens experiencing something destructive, catastrophic, will begin to blindly send radio signals [this may be a desperate distress signal or an attempt to spread important information] in all directions, which will give away their location,” Scharf said.

All living beings are endowed with the instinct of self-preservation – an innate form of behavior in case of danger, actions to save themselves from this danger – and if something really threatens the lives of hypothetical aliens, they will throw all their strength and resources to protect themselves.

“I assume that one day we will intercept a “cry for help” rushing from the far corner of the galaxy,” Scharf concluded.


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