Astronomer: aliens think humans are stupid

(ORDO NEWS) — The scientist does not believe in conspiracy theories and believes that if extraterrestrial intelligence appeared on our planet, then this information would have long been known.

Aliens don’t visit Earth because they think humans are stupid and hate green grass, Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb told the Daily Star.

The professor spoke about a space object that flew past our planet in 2017, before turning around the sun. According to him, it was created by extraterrestrial civilizations. At the same time, Loeb’s colleagues are sure that we are talking about a comet or an asteroid from outside the solar system. But Loeb thinks it could have been trash left by aliens, or just a piece of their ship.

The scientist is sure: aliens do not visit Earth, because the green color of the grass scares them away and makes the planet unattractive. He recalled that the most common stars in the galaxy are dwarf stars, they are colder than the Sun and shine with red light, so most representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence have infrared vision, which is unusual for other shades.

The astronomer called for the creation of UFO detection stations wherever there were UFO reports. This is the cheapest way to test conspiracy theories, he said, such as the US secret base Area 51, which allegedly contains fallen flying saucers.

“Perhaps we are not so attractive and not very interesting in terms of our intelligence. For some reason, people do not cooperate.

This is really unfortunate, and this is not a sign of intelligence,” Loeb said.
He added that he does not believe in conspiracies associated with alien civilizations, because if aliens really flew to Earth, it would definitely become known.

Avi Loeb is an innovator in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Previously, he was involved in joint projects with Stephen Hawking and for 10 years led the astronomy department at Harvard. Despite his impressive scientific achievements, his controversial theories did not find a response in the scientific community.


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