Astronauts showed the cargo bay of the Crew Dragon on video

(ORDO NEWS) — The Crew Dragon spacecraft with two astronauts on board went to the ISS on May 30, at 19:22 GMT, and has successfully docked with the station. The duration of the first successful flight of the brainchild of SpaceX was about 19 hours.

Shortly before the docking, crew members of the Crew Dragon, Douglas Hurley and Robert Banken, videotaped what the compartment with payload for the space station looks like. Also, astronauts showed how our home planet looks from the window of the ship. The video was posted on NASA’s Twitter account.

Also in the frame was a toy dinosaur nicknamed Space Dino. Crew members either for fun or seriously use the dinosaur as a zero gravity detector.

Crew Dragon is designed and built by SpaceX for NASA. Its successful flight means that the US National Aerospace Agency will now be able to send people to the ISS without the participation of Roscosmos. Moreover, the Russian corporation is currently negotiating to transport our astronauts to Crew Dragon.

By the way, the launch of the Crew Dragon ship was supposed to take place on May 27. However, due to adverse weather conditions – heavy fog – it had to be moved to a later date.

Earlier, NASA announced the timing of the second launch of the CST-100 spacecraft, and Virgin Galactic conducted the first tests of its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft.


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