Astronauts on space stations saw UFOs and giant angels

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Cosmonauts from the USSR saw quite a lot of strange things when they were at space stations. Part of what was seen as a result was kept secret, but astronauts spoke with great joy about some events.

Many astronauts say that they have repeatedly seen UFOs. At the same time, skeptics are confident that this is nothing more than fragments of rockets or the remnants of satellites. When a coup d’etat in the USSR, several secret documents accidentally fell into the hands of journalists, who immediately told everyone what they were talking about.

For example, George Knapp wrote an article stating that in 1978 the astronauts Kovalenko and Ivan Chenkov all day watched a strange object that flew around a space station. They got the impression that this object is inspecting the station.

A few years later the situation repeated and the astronauts again observed a strange object, which was located next to the station. In 1982, Lebedev and Beregovoi were already observing the UFO, which had a drop-shaped shape and was almost the same in size as the station itself.

Also in classified materials was discovered information that the astronauts saw something similar to the Angels. Humanoid creatures glowed with orange light and had a size of up to 27 meters in height. Initially, everyone thought that the astronauts simply overworked, but soon the situation was repeated with other astronauts.


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