Astrologers named the most dangerous days in January 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — Several days are expected this month, during which it is better not to make any plans. Due to the negative influence of Mercury, important events may not take place as we would like. Plus, decision making will be difficult.

On January 5, Pluto and Mercury will meet, which will affect the friendly relations between people. Stupid grievances and serious quarrels are not excluded. Experts recommend thinking once again whether the next phrase will be ambiguous.

On January 6, Mars will pass into Taurus. Aggression and negativity will increase. People can start worrying about work matters for no reason. You should be distracted, find a method of calming.

On January 10, there will be a reunion with Saturn, and on January 11 – with Jupiter. This alignment can create a very bad day. Better not to start anything important and not make expensive purchases. Conflict should be avoided in every possible way.

On January 30, Mercury will follow in the opposite direction. It will end chaos and civil strife. Failure can accompany all spheres of life – love, work and family (communication with relatives).


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