Asteroid 2018 VP1 is approaching Earth: NASA assessed risks

(ORDO NEWS) — According to NASA data, on November 2, an asteroid codenamed 2018 VP1 will approach our planet. The body is small – about 4 meters, so any damage to the Earth is completely ruled out.

Astronomers have classified the object as Apollo, and this class is made up of very dangerous bodies. In our case, there is nothing to be afraid of. 2018 VP1 orbits the star in 731 days, approaching 0.91 astronomical units and moving away 2.27 astronomical units from the main star. In terms of its size, the asteroid is comparable to a bus, moreover, not the largest.

On November 2, the body will fly up to Earth at 18:33, the approach distance will be 419 thousand km. The probability that the object will enter the atmosphere of our planet is 0.41%, that is, the chances are 1 in 240.

A more significant event happened a couple of days ago: an asteroid the size of a minivan swept past the globe. Scientists did not notice the body: they only found out about it after the incident itself. However, this happens very often. Astronomers reassured people that if it entered the air shell, the body would turn into a fireball, it had no chance of reaching the ground.

Scientists note that many objects are almost invisible. Obtaining data about them is possible when they fly closer to our planet. Thus, the world’s population faces some risks.


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