Asteroid 2018 VP1 flies to Earth: what threat does it pose

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers from NASA have informed the planet’s population that on November 2, 2018 VP1 body with dimensions of 2-4 meters will fly up to our planet. Despite its small size, scientists classify the asteroid as a dangerous Apollo, according to the WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM portal.

The fall on our planet is completely out of the question, experts reassured. The object orbits the Sun, making a complete revolution every 731 days. The approach to the star is 0.91 astronomical units, and the distance is a maximum of 2.27 astronomical units. An asteroid can be compared to a bus in terms of light reflection and size.

The body will fly up to our planet on November 2 at 18:33. The distance will be only 419 thousand kilometers. The chances of entering the earth’s atmosphere are 0.41%. Even if the asteroid is in it, it will not reach the earth itself – it will instantly burn.

Some time ago, a more significant event occurred in space: an asteroid the size of a minivan flew up to our planet. Scientists from NASA did not notice it, so if the body fell to the ground, it would be a big, not entirely pleasant surprise. Asteroid was seen only when he was already close to Earth. Experts tried to reassure that the asteroid, like 2018 VP1, would have burned up in the atmosphere without reaching the surface itself. In addition, astronomers noted that not all space objects can be seen in advance. Some become visible only when they are already approaching our planet.

Thus, one should not be afraid of another body, no sad consequences will follow.


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