Asteroid 2015 KJ19 is approaching the Earth: scientists have assessed the risks

(ORDO NEWS) — The asteroid is moving towards the Earth at a speed of 23 km / s. The oval-shaped object is 118 m long (like a football field). The space body was named 2015 KJ19. Scientists from NASA claim that this space object is not dangerous for the planet.

This is reported by Express.

The object is indeed heading towards the Earth. Scientists have calculated the trajectory of the cosmic stone. According to them, the celestial body will fly past the planet. 2015 KJ19 will sweep about 15.1 LD across the globe.

LD is a cosmic unit of measurement, it is equal to 384 thousand km. Such a distance between our planet and the Moon. Experts say that people will not be able to see this asteroid in the night sky.

In February, a cosmic body of this size was already sweeping past the Earth. Then the asteroid “London Eye” also flew at a great distance from the globe.

NASA says situations like this happen very often. Scientists have developed special algorithms that calculate the trajectory of asteroids, their speed and size. The agency also has several tools for dealing with celestial bodies in the event of an imminent collision.


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