Asparagus fortune teller from Britain makes predictions for 2022

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(ORDO NEWS) — Fortune teller Jenaima Packington from the UK, who is already 65 years old, calls herself Mystic Veg. She talks about future events using asparagus. For example, she predicted who would win the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

The fortune teller revealed that Croatia will win the FIFA World Cup, but the competition will continue to be divisive. The woman also noted that Manchester City will not be able to get the Premier League title. In addition, they need to be more alert to Manchester United, which are 20 points behind to date.

Jemima was born in the southwestern part of the UK, in the city of Bath. She first started predicting the future when she was 8 years old. According to the fortune-teller, she received her incredible abilities as a gift from her aunt, who used tea leaves for divination.

Packington chose a slightly different product – Worcestershire asparagus. She tosses the vegetable up, and then decodes the patterns that result from the fall of the stems. The fortuneteller notes that her predictions come true with an accuracy of about 75-90%.

Earlier, Jemima said that a very large replenishment will occur in the royal family, but at the same time they should prepare for a bereavement. She also said that this year the celebration of Christmas will be quite modest. The reason for this was Omicron. Earlier, the fortuneteller had already predicted that there would be a euro crisis, as well as a credit crunch.

In order to understand what awaits humanity in 2022, it took Jemima a day and two different sessions. She predicted new scandals and problems for the royal family, as well as many sufferings.

The woman also added that the coronavirus will not disappear, but people will adapt and learn to live with it, and working remotely will become normal practice. In 2022, many legends of show business may die, which shocks the whole world, but she did not name their names. Jemima added that traveling abroad will once again become an unaffordable luxury and real exotic for many.

There will still be a lot of tension on the international scene this year, but there will be no conflict. The problem of global warming will remain urgent.


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