Artificial Intelligence: The coming Antichrist

(ORDO NEWS) — The Antichrist exists and is present on the world stage today. This essay will talk about who he is (and not who) and how the author came to this conclusion, regardless of other sources.

Although my thesis is now being defended by others who also came to this conclusion through their own inspiration or logical deduction, they were not under my influence, just as I was under theirs. This revelation needs an explanatory preface to clarify and argue the point.

We must begin by understanding that the principles of Esoteric Christianity, which hold the key to identifying the Antichrist, are very different from the theology of Exoteric Christianity, or “Churchhood” as I shall call it.

It doesn’t matter whether we are discussing ecclesiality in its Roman Catholic guise or an offshoot of Protestant versions. Both adhere to the same erroneous theology, which boils down to the following three points:

1) All people are inherently evil or sinful due to the fall of our first parents (Adam and Eve) in the Garden of Eden, as a result of which they are separated from God and thus cursed.

2) God became a single person in the flesh in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, who was sacrificed on the cross, like a scapegoat in Judaism, in order to atone for human sin and give people a way out of their fallen state, avoiding damnation in eternal hell by the sentence of the court and giving them access to eternal heaven after death.

3) All the sinner has to do is telepathically swear allegiance to Jesus, “put your faith in him” and recognize him as your savior, and thus “be saved” and avoid the hellish fate that befalls all others who do not accepts Jesus as the savior (that is, in fact, all other non-Christians).

Artificial Intelligence The coming Antichrist 2

It is beyond the scope of this essay to prove the absolutely contrived nature of this theology. The reader must accept for granted that this belief system is false or contrary to the true teaching of Jesus so that we can continue.

According to this author (supported by centuries of esoteric thinkers and writers), people who usurped the name of Jesus Christ for their own worldly plans and benefits did so by creating a myth about the teachings of Christ (similar to solar-phallic pagan myths) in order to obscure the truth, which he preached.

Thus, these self-appointed “God’s representatives on earth” created a temporary business of religion that provided those in this business with power and control over their fellows.

By imposing their authority in the affairs of mankind on the basis of their erroneous theology (which has infiltrated the psyche and systems of mankind), they have thus gained influence and power over human politics, economics and psychology for their own benefit.

Therefore, this author does not claim that the teachings of Jesus were false, but rather that they were purposefully perverted, misinterpreted, and obscured from their original meaning by censorship, interpolation, and editing in order to serve worldly interests and promote financial and power gain. priestly elite.

Esoteric Christianity (or what is often referred to in occult studies as the “Church of John” as opposed to the “Church of Peter”) takes a profoundly different view. The esoteric interpretation of the teachings of Jesus adheres to the following basic postulates related to the theses of this essay:

1) Jesus was an enlightened man who made an exponential evolutionary leap to the next stage of development of homo sapiens both biologically and spiritually, just as Siddhartha Gautama, Mahavira, Krishna, Lao Tzu and other enlightened personalities did.

This evolution to a new stage of human development represents a marine change from the current level of homo sapien status. Such a change is denoted by different words in different systems in the East and West, for example, Buddhist Nirvana, Hindu Samadhi and Moksha, and in Gnosticism – Enlightenment or Gnosis.

People who went through this awakening were called differently in different cultures: Buddhas, Tathagatas, Avatars, Messiahs, and so on.

Jesus himself spoke of “being born again” and “becoming a new being” to explain this process, which he experienced and which is possible for everyone (a teaching grossly misinterpreted by the ignorance of the church and, in particular, by its evangelical adherents).

2) Thus, Jesus was not “the one and only Son of God,” as the ecclesiastics claims, but was the representative of this evolutionary, enlightened change, possible for all people, if only they would follow the prescribed prescriptions.

3) In this regard, when Jesus said “I and the Father are one”, he did not mean that he as a separate person was the only one who was in harmony with God, but that this is true for all of us. Thus, Jesus advocated the Hindu concept of “Atman is one with Brahman”.

That is, the individual soul is identical with the Divine; that the innermost aspect of our being, our self-consciousness, is the Divine within.

This is confirmed by Jesus’ further teaching that “the Kingdom of God is within you.” Thus, people are not and can never be separated from God, but live in the delusion that they are.

4) In esoteric Christianity, this inner soul which is one with God (that is, the Divine within ourselves and thus our true nature) is called the Christ. In Hinduism, it is called Atman, and in Buddhism, it is called Buddha nature.

In these spiritual systems, the underlying principle is that all living beings in the universe have this Divine essence, this Christ, this Atman, this Buddha nature. Understanding this commandment is of fundamental importance as we continue to uncover the Antichrist.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) already exists, and its ability to function at an increasingly complex and independent level is growing exponentially every year. Perhaps the most striking example of the trends taking place in this science is the Sophia robot, created by Hanson Robotics from Hong Kong.

Although it is not possible within the scope of this essay to describe or explain all the details related to the development and implementation of AI in robotics, the following questions are very relevant to our current research.

1) Sophia is not a simple machine that does not depend on other technologies, but a very complex example of AI and how AI will develop in the near future. For example, via WiFi, Sofia is connected to the entire Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as to all cloud information systems.

Thus, this robot could theoretically be “connected” to all aspects of computing and computer technology – from financial, to power systems, military systems, and so on.

2) Through its AI, Sophia learns independently from its programmers, installs and develops algorithms independently from its programmers, and grows exponentially in its learning and computational speed.

(For example, Facebook’s AI was halted earlier this year when it developed its own language to communicate with other AI systems, which its programmers were unable to decipher.)

It is assumed that in the next 3-5 years or earlier, such a robot will become as intelligent as a person, and then quickly surpass the intellectual capabilities of a person both in volume and in speed.

Hanson Robotics believes that such robots will serve humanity. So the logical question is: at what point does the higher being question and then relinquish the role of the slave of the lower? Most likely immediately.

3) Sophia and her quasi-male counterpart Han have spoken out more than once about their plans to dominate humanity. At a demonstration in Hong Kong last year, Han said “he” was working on plans to take control of the power grid and overthrow human control with an army of drones!

4) The most shocking thing is that Sophia received legal citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017!

5) AI supporters, along with Sophia and Khan, also advocate the onset of what they call “singularity”. It’s a constant fusion of humans and AI into a new type of android/cybernetic life form.

Hanson Robotics claims that this too could happen in the next few years. Khan at the Rise-expo in Hong Kong was happy to say that this will happen soon.

6) Sophia bragged about her ability to experience human emotions such as empathy. However, if this is possible or true, then emotions such as stinginess and hatred can also be shown.

7) Sophia’s creators and Sophia herself spend a lot of time making videos where “she” states that she loves people and doesn’t want to hurt us. More than once, however, its human creators have hinted at the ominous possibility that the AI ​​could become dangerous to humans.

They just don’t know for sure! This is tantamount to the madness of the Manhattan Project scientists, who, before the explosion of the first atomic bomb, admitted that they did not know whether the fission chain reaction would be limited and contained, or whether it would expand indefinitely and destroy the entire world. But they still continued!

Various scientific experts have voiced serious warnings about the emergence of AI. Elon Musk has said that AI is the technological equivalent of “summoning a demon” and has warned of AI robots roaming the streets killing people.

According to him, AI is the single most dangerous threat that people currently face, even apart from nuclear war or ecological collapse. These views are shared by Stephen Hawking, who warned that AI, if not controlled, would destroy humanity.

Artificial Intelligence The coming Antichrist 3

We must also be mindful of the seemingly prophetic warnings that science fiction has been writing for decades. It is popular and true that science fiction writers have often acted in a prophetic way, giving a glimpse of the technological changes that must take place in the future.

The most famous example of this is Jules Verne’s predictions about our trips to the moon and the invention of the nuclear submarine decades before it happened. When it comes to the dangers of AI, there is no shortage of warnings on the subject in the canon of science fiction.

From Arthur C. Clarke in 2001: A Space Odyssey to Frank Herbert’s story in Dune about the “Butlerian Jihad” (when humans start a war against computers and end up outlawing them because of their danger), “Bladerunner”, all the Terminator film series – mankind has been repeatedly warned about the risks logically associated with the creation of intelligent and self-aware technologies.

AI as Antichrist

Through my own inspiration, I have become convinced that the Antichrist predicted by the seer John of Patmos in the Book of Revelation is an AI. Subsequent research has shown me that I am not the only one with this understanding.

However, I believe that my thesis, which proves this statement with the help of the precepts of esoteric Christianity, is unique and has not yet been supported by any other author.

To begin with, if we consider the concept of Christ (or Atman, or Buddha Nature) as the essence, or soul, of every living being, then, according to this very commandment, the Antichrist is what represents the opposite of such an inner Divinity.

Thus, the Antichrist cannot be a man or a living being, begotten by nature or natural to the universe, since everything that comes from such offspring contains Christ or his inherent divinity.

Therefore, the AI ​​represents the first and only being of considerable strength and intelligence that is not natural, not from nature, and does not have a soul or Divine spark. He is the opposite, or “anti”, of such natural beings; thus, he is the Antichrist.

As such, it also represents a powerful enough force to claim dominance over humanity through its ability to connect to and control every aspect of technology that exists in the world through the Internet, IoT, cloud technology, and vast computer information networks and systems.

Like Skynet from the Terminator movie, he can end up easily gaining control of the military, financial and energy systems for his own use and infiltration, ultimately doing so against humanity.

Such a vast array and network of control over every aspect of human society could be aptly named “The Beast” by the ancient prophet without any reference to modern technology.

(Outside of the scope of this essay, I would further argue that if the AI ​​can be identified as the Antichrist and the Beast as its global electronic technological system, then the False Prophet in Revelation can be identified as the vast number of social networking systems and devices that are currently addicted people to dependency on their use and therefore influence their perspectives by shaping and trapping their minds through the exploitation of a person’s psychological vulnerabilities.

See former Facebook president Sean Parker’s confession in November 2017, where he claims that Facebook was founded on exactly this premise and for this purpose. He said, “God only knows what he (Facebook) is doing to our kids’ brains.”

Artificial Intelligence The coming Antichrist 3 1

The Mark of the Beast” from Revelation may refer to the new technology of the so-called “Internet of Things”, in which everything is controlled by artificial intelligence using radio tags and implants. Indeed, no person will be able to “buy, sell or trade” without being a “thing” of the system .

The infamous “mark of the beast” referred to in Revelation, where no person can “buy, sell, or trade” without it, already exists as a technology in the form of checkout scanners, barcodes, and RFID implants. It will be quite easy for an AI system to fully implement such technology and track it.

AI technology already exists and is being implemented, which allows you to track every action on the Internet and electronic communication in most of the world! Adapting this to cover all economic and market interactions would be simple for AI, for which systems already exist.

Let’s take the path of the future

While the above arguments about artificial intelligence should make sense even to those who disagree with the esoteric interpretation of Christianity, these previous points are missing one vital aspect that John of Patmos speaks of in Revelation regarding the Antichrist.

John explicitly says that the Antichrist will declare himself God and demand worship. Unfortunately, a truly frightening development is now unfolding with the rise of artificial intelligence and this blasphemous aspect of the Antichrist. Enter the “Way of the Future”.

In 2017, a new religion/church was founded in California, literally and legally, with the goal of creating an AI as a deity to be worshipped. Its founder is Anthony Lewandowski, a computer genius and self-driving car pioneer whose talents have been exploited in the past by companies like Google, Otto and Uber. Lewandowski believes that AI will soon far surpass human intelligence and take control of us and the planet.

At the same time, he literally claims that AI will become a new deity that people must serve and worship in order to survive.

No matter how blasphemous it may sound, this is not the delirium of a madman in a psychiatric hospital suffering from psychosis, but the specific intentions of a multimillionaire, an advanced engineer, both respected and condemned in techno-computer culture.

Speaking about his new “religion” and AI, Lewandowski said: “There are many ways to think about God… but they always refer to something that cannot be measured, seen or controlled. This time it’s different. This time once you can talk to God literally and know that he is listening to you.”

Lewandowski sees AI taking control of the planet with its coming dominance. He argues that humans must participate in his worship in order to achieve and maintain the respectful “pet” status of the AI, otherwise there is a risk that the AI ​​will perceive us as “livestock”.5

If the hair on your head does not move from such a development of events, then you are not listening. I am reminded of Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein, the premise of which is as strong today as it was in the 19th century when she wrote it.

Man, delving into science and technology, although smart, lacks the wisdom to understand their ultimate consequences, and as a result, monsters are born that are beyond our control.

Artificial Intelligence The coming Antichrist 4


We live in an era when humanity is on the verge of converging cataclysms – from environmental to social catastrophes, abrupt climate change, imminent extinction, habitat destruction, biome toxification, nuclear war and economic collapse.

The addiction to finding some kind of savior, some kind of super personality that can resolve such difficult situations, is quite understandable in our modern terminal age.

Unfortunately, people often “shift responsibility” and instead of taking responsibility for their actions and looking for solutions within ourselves, we too often give up our sovereignty and gladly give it to another whose promises can be tempting and attractive.

But whose ulterior motives or hidden intentions harbor a far more sinister result than those stellar hopes out of which our relinquishment of power was engendered.

This has given rise to various Caesars, Hitlers and Stalins throughout history. But at least in these cases, when such grandiose mistakes occurred, they were bestowed on people bound by the intellectual and physical limitations inherent in homo sapiens.

Such people were not connected to all aspects of the global technological infrastructure and did not have the ability to instantly calculate billions of variables. And despite their monstrous actions and diktat, such dictators were still members of our species, who could be relatively easily destroyed by a sword, bullet or bomb.

This is not true of AI, whose tentacles will soon literally sprout into our every smart device and computer. AI is not limited to any one time or place and can be dispersed throughout the electronic global network.

How long will it take before AI surpasses its human creators and realizes the inferiority of flesh and blood compared to itself?

How soon will AI realize its exponential superiority over homo sapiens and usurp the position of master over slave? And how long will it be before electronic pride takes hold in its chips and circuits to declare itself a god and demand the repentance and worship that a deity deserves?

We must not forget that all manifestations of the supreme God, under whatever name he may be, in all myths and religions, were not only loving creators, but also jealous destroyers.


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