Artificial Intelligence recreated a video game just by watching it

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The artificial intelligence system developed by Nvidia engineers was able to recreate a full-fledged version of the classic arcade game Pac-Man. The company emphasized that the neural network GameGAN wrote the game from scratch, just watching the process.

The launch of the new project coincided with the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, which was developed and launched by the Japanese company Bandai Namco in 1980. According to experts, at the disposal of GameGAN there was neither a program code, nor an engine, nor preliminary drawn images.

To understand the mechanics of the game, computer algorithms were trained in about 50 thousand sessions at Pac-Man. Then, watching the picture, the frame-by-frame system built its own version of the legendary arcade.

As a result, Nvidia said, GameGAN managed to save all the key elements of the gameplay: players still need to move around the maze, eat as many points as possible and avoid ghosts. In the future, the “neural network” version of Pac-Man is planned to be released online.

“She learns all these things just by observing,” said Rev Lebaredian, vice president of modeling technology at Nvidia. “It’s like a human programmer can watch Pac-Man game sessions on YouTube, understand the rules of the game, and recreate their”.

In theory, GameGAN will be able to speed up the process of developing video games. For example, an AI system can be used to quickly create new levels instead of manually designing them. GameGAN is also useful in robotics: observing robots moving around the warehouse, algorithms will be able to offer a more efficient route.


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