Artificial Intelligence “recorded” its own collection of songs

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Artificial intelligence “recorded” its own collection of songs. In mixtape you can find tracks of various genres.

A new generative model called Jukebox was created by the OpenAI research lab. As the developers themselves said, they chose to create music, because it’s hard.

To train the model, we used data sets from 1.2 million songs, metadata, as well as lyrics from LyricWiki. Thanks to this, the neural network can even write its own texts.

However, the music created by the model is different from human music. We will not hear in it, for example, repeated refrains. In addition, copyright issues may arise in connection with a neural network.

After all, various artists, most likely, did not give their consent to the fact that their tracks were used to train the model.


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