Artificial intelligence has learned to flirt: the program girl flirts and speaks with a breath

(ORDO NEWS) — British company Sonantic, which specializes in the development of AI for film and game voiceovers, has created a new program that can simulate flirtatious speech patterns thanks to new non-verbal cues, including breaths and laughter. Watch the video to see how it sounds and looks.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, engineers demonstrated a new achievement of AI – now an artificially created voice can flirt very realistically

Sonantic’s latest product was a short video titled “What’s Her Secret?” (What’s Her Secret?). It was created with the support of a Hollywood client who preferred to remain anonymous, according to the Daily Mail.

In the two-minute video, we see a female face belonging to a live actress, but the voice-over text is read by artificial intelligence, and it is quite good at imitating female flirtatious speech.

To achieve these results, Sonantic’s engineering team studied the characteristics of live speech during flirting – exactly how people change their voice and intonation to sound romantic and flirtatious.

The company already has ready-made voice models that express happiness or sadness, but flirting is much more difficult.

To do this, AI developers had to create a new shy or even teasing style of speech, which uses slowing down, pauses and simulating a soft smile. This new program will be used in movie or game dubbing to give NPCs or secondary characters a more realistic sound.


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