Artificial intelligence for the first time beat a man in bridge

(ORDO NEWS) — Artificial intelligence defeated eight world champions in bridge. This is an important event, because before the machines could not prevail in this game…

This was made possible thanks to a new approach to AI training.

The victory represents a new milestone for artificial intelligence, because the game of bridge involves a quick reaction to the behavior of opponents. This behavior is typical of a human, but to teach it to a machine…

Unlike chess and go (a board game of logic), in which artificial intelligence (AI) has already defeated reigning world champions, bridge is played in pairs and the players have a different “set” of information.

The program of the French startup NukkAI was able to win the first victory . The challenge the developers set for themselves required the human participants to play 80 games.

Artificial intelligence for the first time beat a man in bridge 2

During the tournament, an artificial intelligence called NooK won 67 games, or 83%, out of 80. Jean Baptiste Fantoune, co-founder of NukkAI, said that he was confident that the machine, which the company had been developing for five years, would win!

The fundamental difference between NooK lies in the “neurosymbolic” approach to learning. Instead of learning by playing billions of rounds (as many AIs do), NooK first learns the rules of the game and then improves his game through practice. It is a hybrid of rule-based systems and deep learning systems. “NooK learns like a human,” the AI ​​creators write.


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