Artemis I returns to pad for next launch attempt

(ORDO NEWS) — The Space Launch System rocket returned to the pad for another launch attempt after another refurbishment.

NASA plans to attempt a launch on November 14th. Forecasters are closely monitoring the weather, which may interfere with the start.

Fuel leaks have kept the rocket on the ground since August. Then Hurricane Ian drove the rocket back into the hangar at Kennedy Space Center in late September.

NASA used this time to repair and replace critical batteries.

NASA still doesn’t know why hydrogen keeps leaking every time the rocket is fueled, but engineers are confident they can deal with any future leaks, said Cliff Lanham, senior manager.

Normally, NASA prefers a daytime launch for test flights to capture as many images as possible, but for the next three launch windows, the launch is scheduled to take place in the wee hours.

Jim Free, NASA Associate Administrator, said radar and infrared cameras should provide adequate coverage.

The Artemis I mission will last almost a month, culminating in a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. On board the Orion capsule are test dummies to measure radiation and vibrations. The launch cost will be $4.1 billion.


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