Armageddon – NASA simulates the situation of a Hollywood film

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from NASA have teamed up with agencies to simulate the plot of a popular American film. Michael Bay’s painting “Armageddon” is about how a specially created group must detonate a giant meteorite in space, heading for Earth. The scenario is more than realistic for planet Earth, so it was decided to simulate a similar situation.

This is reported by Science Alert.

The experiment taught everyone a cruel lesson. The fact is that if an asteroid of this size in real life had been discovered half a year before the collision, it would not have been possible to prevent it.

Today, people do not have such technologies and spaceships that would reach an object in such a short period of time. Moreover, there is no experience of landing on such objects.

Back in 2005, the US Congress required NASA to track all space objects over 140 meters in size. For example, one such asteroid could destroy a city the size of New York.

To tackle real danger, NASA has three tools in its arsenal: lasers, explosives, and a spacecraft. An asteroid can be heated and vaporized with lasers, explosives can be “smashed” into small fragments, and a spacecraft can be directed and collided.

To eliminate a threat of this magnitude, scientists would need years, an average of 5 years. Astronomer Richard Binsel is confident that it takes twice as long, at least 10 years.


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