Arctic warming 7 times faster than global average

(ORDO NEWS) — The British online edition “The Independent” with reference to the journal “Scientific Reports” publishes data from automatic weather stations on the islands of Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, located on the border between the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

The journal studied data from 1981 to 2020 comparing sea ice concentrations and sea surface temperatures.

The study found that the rate of warming in the northern part of the Barents Sea is “exceptional and in line with average Arctic warming of 2-2.5 times and average global warming of 5-7 times.” An increase associated with a decrease in sea ice and an increase in air temperature.

According to Norwegian Meteorological Institute spokesman Ketil Isaksen, what we are seeing today is an early warning of what will happen in the rest of the Arctic in the coming decades.

“According to the study, changes in surface air temperature and sea ice are the main provocateurs of the “environmental transformation” that we are seeing in the Arctic.”


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