Arctic faces a catastrophic loss of summer ice in the coming decades

(ORDO NEWS) — On the eve of the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, a group of scientists revealed what the disappearance of ice in the Arctic during the summer periods will mean for mankind, reports the British edition of The Guardian.

According to experts, literally within 10 years, the Arctic could “finally” lose sea ice, resulting in catastrophic consequences for tens of millions of people.

“There is nothing we can do about it right now. We just messed up and let the system get too hot already, ”says University of Massachusetts employee Julie Brigham-Gretta.

Scientists noted that when the amount of ice is reduced, then the dark Arctic Ocean will open. This ocean does not absorb rather than reflect heat, which will only increase global warming.

In addition, experts say, the largest “melt water impulse” in 130,000 years could happen, which will affect coastal regions.


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