Architect designs lighter-than-air buildings that will float above city streets

(ORDO NEWS) — An eco-architect proposes the creation of “levitating” buildings that will float in the air space between city roads and buildings.

These sci-fi buildings will help fight climate change

Eco-architect Andreas Tjeldflaat from design studio Framlab has unveiled a new project called Oversky , according to Fast Company .

He wants to create airship-like buildings that will fill the empty space above city roads. Interestingly, this approach will also help fight climate change.

It’s not just a fantasy: the architect breaks down the concept in detail and develops rigid carbon fiber frames that will be composed of strong and lightweight cells of helium lifting gas.

How will this help in the fight against climate change?

Oversky buildings, thanks to special material and construction, will simultaneously reflect heat back into the atmosphere and cool the urban space below them.

Using a titanium dioxide coating will also help the outer surface of levitating buildings break down airborne pollutants.

Of course, Oversky is too revolutionary a concept, which is clearly not going to be realized soon. Andreas Tjeldflaat understands this and says that even if his floating buildings don’t fill cities anytime soon, the materials and concepts behind this idea could be implemented in more mundane projects. For example, reflective building coatings can be used in traditional building projects.


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