Archaeologists reveal what’s hidden inside ancient Mayan pyramids

(ORDO NEWS) — When experts were engaged in the study of the Mayan pyramids, they found that these pyramids were also used for various kinds of religious rituals.

In addition, it was in the pyramids that it was customary to bury rulers and other important personalities.

Inside the pyramids there is a huge number of various artifacts that can tell a lot about the life of an ancient civilization. Scientists often find precious treasures as well.

An interesting point is that quite often the Mayan pyramids hide another smaller pyramid inside themselves.

An example of this is Kukulkan. It is located among the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, which belongs to modern Mexico.

“We assume that when the Maya came to the places where someone used to live, they did not seek to destroy all the buildings.

In most cases, representatives of an ancient civilization built new ones on top of old buildings.

The erected pyramids were no exception, ”says Andres Tejero-Andrade from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Experts said that some of the pyramids have not only a very interesting design. They differ in that there were specially equipped temples inside them.

In them, the Mayans performed a variety of religious rituals. In part of the pyramids are the burial places of ancient rulers.

Repeatedly, researchers have found a variety of treasures in the Mayan pyramids. There are a lot of jade products, jewelry and even funeral masks.

The most famous artifact was a stone throne in the shape of a jaguar. It was decorated with jade. The product was discovered by scientists in the pyramid of Kukulkan.

Carl Taube of the University of California at Riverside stressed that nephrite was very important to the Maya. This is not just a beautiful mineral, but also a certain symbol.

He was associated in representatives of ancient civilization with power and life. Often it was used for funeral rites, ritual ceremonies, and even to communicate with the gods.


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