Archaeologists provide data on an ancient underground city in Iran

(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, experts discovered the ancient underground city of Nushabed, which was built during the reign of the Sassanids. It is located under a small town, which is located today on the territory of modern Iran.

During the excavations, experts managed to find evidence that the city was undergoing occupation, which was quite long. It ended only after the Qajar dynasty came to power.

Reported by Heritage Ware.

Experts found many human remains, clay vessels, various stone tools. All artifacts date from different times – the periods of the rule of the Sassanids, Safavids and Ilkhanids. Additionally, three levels were discovered that were built separately.

Their depth was almost 16 meters. In addition, the ancient city has a very complex network of cameras and tunnels. Their area reaches 1.5 hectares. To connect the levels, vertical as well as horizontal channels were used, which additionally acted as a ventilation system. Due to this, fresh air could spread throughout the structure.

In order to get inside the city, small wells were installed, as well as narrow corridors. They were hidden in the houses and the Sizan castle. The city was very carefully hidden from prying eyes, that it was possible to find it only due to the fact that a local resident accidentally found a tunnel in his yard when he was digging a ditch.

Archaeologists believe that Nushabed was used as a shelter from numerous enemies. The network of tunnels is laid out in such a way that it creates a very complex maze in which it is easy to get lost.


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