Archaeologists have studied the mummy of the Egyptian pharaoh, found out the horrifying details of his death

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers found the pharaoh’s mummy back in the 1880s. Then they noticed that there were several strange wounds on his face.

Computed tomography was used to study the mummy of Pharaoh Seqenenre Taa II. They found that there were a huge number of wounds on his body. Accordingly, he could be executed directly on the battlefield. In this case, the enemies were armed with axes, daggers or spears.

There were also several wounds on the face, which they tried to hide during the embalming. There were not only ordinary cuts, but also a puncture wound to the skull, which could become one of the reasons for the death of the pharaoh. The ruler was most likely surrounded from all sides by enemies.

Sahar Salim said that the pharaoh did not hide during the hostilities and was on the front line with all the other soldiers. He risked his life for Egypt and its citizens.

Archaeologists, who discovered the mummy back in the 19th century, stated that a very unpleasant smell came from the mummy.

Experts began to suspect that the mummy was embalmed right where the pharaoh died. It is worth noting that the mummy is in a disgusting state. Her bones are severed, her head is separated, and many wounds in the skull area indicate the extremely brutal death of the ruler.

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