Archaeologists have shown what the figurines of deities that are seven thousand years old look like

(ORDO NEWS) — In the southern part of Serbia, archaeologists have found valuable artifacts. Unusual clay figurines over 7 thousand years old. Clay figurines belonged to the ancient and mysterious Vinca civilization. Archaeologists say they found figurines of deities that Vinca worshiped and several figurines depicting women.

Reported by HowAndWhys.

Most of the figurines depict humanoid figures. Archaeologists believe that these are guardian deities who were worshiped by the people of those times. At that time, the inhabitants already singled out good and evil spirits among the deities, depicted them, worshiped, made sacrifices.


The found figurines are a real mystery for scientists. They don’t look like humans or animals. Zoomorphic-anthropomorphic, according to theorists, look like aliens. This may indicate the contact of ancient people with alien beings.

Female figurines can symbolize the mother goddess. Most likely there was matriarchy in civilization. More excavations will reveal the truth, while it is too early to make loud statements.

Scientists are confident that the excavation site was the intellectual center of those times. The city, which is being investigated by archaeologists, is a direct confirmation of the fact that Vinca did not lag behind other civilizations of that time in development.


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