Archaeologists have recorded the change of Neanderthal populations in Spain

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of archaeologists has found that the Neanderthals, who were carriers of the Mousterian culture, were replaced by their brothers, representatives of Chatelperon, about 45 thousand years ago in northern Spain.

Neanderthals, according to various estimates and depending on the region, disappeared from 28 to 40 thousand years ago. But, as you know, the exact reasons for this are unclear. Therefore, it is useful to study how Neanderthal populations changed .

Scientists from the Bilbao Archaeological Museum, the Universities of Burgos (Spain), Adelaide (Australia), California (USA), Cambridge and other scientific organizations investigated the complex of Neanderthal tools belonging to the Chatelperon culture in order to better understand their history.

The tools were found at the site of the northern Spanish site of Aranbalts-II, dated to about 43.5 thousand years ago.

Having studied in detail the fragments of these tools (in the amount of more than 5,600 pieces), scientists learned that most of them were made from local flint, and the smaller part was made on the territory of modern France, about 150 kilometers from Aranbalts II.

The features of the form and manufacture of the tools showed that the objects from the Spanish site are very similar to other Chatelperon tools.

But the researchers did not find parallels between them and the artifacts of the Middle Paleolithic of the same region. And the cultural layer with Châtelperon tools turned out to be clearly separated from the tools of the Mousterian culture.

Therefore, archaeologists have come to the conclusion that about 45 thousand years ago , the Mousterian carriers disappeared from the territory of Northern Spain. This could be due to climate changes between 40,000 and 50,000 years ago and inbreeding.

But a holy place is never empty: they were replaced by another population of Homo neanderthalensis, probably from southern France Рits representatives were carriers of the Ch̢telperon culture. True, they also ordered to live long: rather quickly they were replaced by our immediate ancestors Рsapiens.


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