Archaeologists have reconstructed the head of a medieval warrior who received an ax in the face

(ORDO NEWS) — 3D graphics expert Cicero Moraes helped archaeologists reconstruct the face of a medieval Swede who died 660 years ago. Presumably, the Swede died from an ax blow to the face.

Scientists from the Stockholm Historical Museum found the remains of a deceased Swede at the site of the Battle of Gotland, which unfolded in 1361 between Swedish farmers and the Danish army.

Archaeologists used photogrammetry and scanned the finds. After that, Moraes created two digital 3D models of the face from the data obtained.

Scientists were interested in a deep crack in the front of the man’s skull, which stretched diagonally from the lower left side of the lower jaw to the nose.

Archaeologists have suggested that such a wound could have appeared as a result of an ax hit in the face.

To test the theory, Moraes also modeled an ax and “attached” it to the bone. As expected, the gun fitted the fissure perfectly.

However, while scientists cannot say for sure whether the wound caused the death of a man.


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