Archaeologists have linked the secret of Stonehenge with the discovered artifacts of the Bronze Age

(ORDO NEWS) — Bronze Age tombs, Neolithic pottery, and part of a strange C-shaped fence have been found at the site of a planned car tunnel under Stonehenge. The finds were made by archaeologists during the preparatory work before the construction of the road structure.

According to scientists, artifacts can help shed light on who built the mysterious stone circle.

As archaeologist Matt Lavers told The Guardian newspaper, the discovered artifacts are household items of people who have lived in this area for millennia, which will allow experts to find out how the life of the population changed before and after the construction of Stonehenge. It is possible that these people built the ancient stone circle, scientists suggest.

The objects found date back to the Neolithic era; archaeologists consider the most interesting objects to be parts of ceramics, horns of a red deer and a strange slate object that could have been part of a staff or club. The last artifact was in one of the discovered graves, where the remains of an adult were also found. The resting place of the baby was discovered nearby.

Earlier, the British government approved the construction of a car tunnel under Stonehenge, despite the protests of druids, environmentalists and archaeologists. According to the project, the nearest highway A303 will be complemented by a tunnel with two lanes in each direction under the ancient megalith. It is planned that by 2023 archaeologists will survey the area to make sure that the construction of the road object will not destroy any archaeological objects.


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