Archaeologists have found the remains of ancient marinas near the island of Saint on Valaam

(ORDO NEWS) — The Valaam Monastery attracts not only crowds of tourists and pilgrims, but also archaeologists. They still do not have the exact date of its foundation.

Various sources mention the periods of the X-XI centuries and XIV-XV. In order to collect more data that will help establish a clearer time frame, scientists organized an expedition. The expedition includes diving, during which experts hope to find some artifacts.

Irina Matveeva, methodologist at the Pilgrimage Service, says: “It is too bold to think that we will find something dating back to the 10th century, but any historical finds will be valuable.”

During a dive into the coastal waters of the Holy Island, researchers discovered the remains of two ancient marinas.

Now there is only one pier on the island, whereas before there were four, on each side of the world. Depending on the weather conditions, the ships chose the pier where it was more convenient to moor.

Scientists hope that they will be able to find some evidence of how the monastery functioned from the moment it was built, and when it was built, next to the remains of the piers.

Finnish scientists put forward their version. According to them, the monastery was built in the 10th century, and then for some reason, perhaps due to robbery, fell into disrepair. And in the XV century, its revival began, the monastery grew and occupied the entire island archipelago.


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