Archaeologists have found the oldest map of Europe

(ORDO NEWS) — Thanks to old maps, we can see the world through the eyes of our ancestors. It depicts rivers, mountains, cities and countries that have been gone for a long time.

So, for example, a 4 thousand-year-old map of Europe was found during excavations. Imagine how valuable the artifact was unearthed by archaeologists!

It is known that the Saint-Beléc Plate, discovered in a Bronze Age grave, became the oldest map of Europe. This most valuable artifact was found in the 1900s. Paul du Chatelier came across him.

During the excavation, he saw the plate in a broken state. Then she never got into the museum.

Instead of being viewed by millions of people, the map ended up in someone’s private collection and stayed there for 2 decades.

After the map was taken by the museum, nothing was mentioned about it for another 60 years. After almost 100 years, the stove ended up in the Chatelier house and until 2014 it just lay in a box.

In 2017, a group of researchers completely randomly decided to study the artifact. Numerous experiments were conducted before everyone learned about the true value of this ancient map.

It turned out that these stone fragments with carvings resembling random lines are an ancient map of Europe.

Each pattern and sign here has its own meaning, you just need to recognize them and learn to “read” the map. The Saint-Béléc plate depicts the lands near the Audet River in the west of modern France.

Researchers date the slab between 2150 and 1600 BC. Most likely, it was used as part of the reburial of Saint Belek in the Bronze Age.

Scientists say that this map has a large number of features that are identical to those on other ancient copies: rivers and mountains, hills, etc.


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