Archaeologists have found out why the Mayans built a pyramid in El Salvador

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists managed to find out for what purpose the ancient Mayan civilization built a huge pyramid in the place where El Salvador is today. Experts note that active construction began several years after a fairly strong eruption of the Ilopango volcano occurred.

Antiquity reports.

The disaster took place in 539 AD. It was the largest eruption in the last 10 thousand years that happened in America. Scientists estimate that over 80 cubic kilometers of volcanic material was thrown into the air. The entire area around was covered with a layer, the thickness of which reached at least half a meter.

The pyramid was built directly from this volcanic material called tephra. Construction began about 5-30 years later and lasted for 80 years. Experts noted that the Maya thus presented the gods with a kind of gift, so they hoped that in the future they would be protected from such eruptions.

The disaster caused people to leave many areas. After a while they were settled again. The timing of the construction of the pyramid indicates that people quickly began to live in the vicinity of the dangerous volcano.

The Campana structure has a pyramidal structure and reaches a height of 13 meters. In this case, the structure was installed on a platform with a height of seven meters. If we talk about the total area of ​​the building, then it is almost 33 thousand cubic meters.


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