Archaeologists have found more than 1,000 artifacts of the Stone Age in the center of Krasnoyarsk

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have found more than a thousand artifacts of the Paleolithic era during excavations of the site of Stone Age hunters in the construction zone of a pedestrian bridge across Karl Marx Street near the Regional Philharmonic Society in Krasnoyarsk. This was announced to TASS on Sunday by the representative of the Krasnoyarsk Geoarchaeology company Alexander Barkov.

“We are exploring a multilayered Paleolithic site. The dating is currently preliminary – this is the middle to the end of the last (Sartan) glaciation (16-11 thousand years ago). In the studied layers, we recorded the remains of ancient fireplaces and stone and bone artifacts confined to them, faunal remains. At the moment, more than a thousand artifacts of stone, bone, horn, mammoth tusk have been found, as well as about 10 thousand animal bones, mainly of a reindeer and a hare, “Barkov said.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, numerous wastes of stone production, tools for cutting mining (side-scrapers, scrapers, retouched flakes) and processing of bone or wood (chisel tools) were recorded. The finds include bone needles and arrowheads. Found two tools made of mammoth tusk, which may have been used for processing the skins. Among other things, objects of ancient art have been discovered – these are small bone beads.

“Preliminarily, we can conclude that we are investigating a complex of sites of ancient hunters on the banks of the Yenisei, where the carcasses of killed animals were cut, hides were processed and clothes were sewn, and stone tools were made,” Barkov emphasized.


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