Archaeologists have found evidence that dachshunds participated in gladiator fights

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists from the University of Liverpool first discovered the remains of small dachshund-like dogs during excavations at the Colosseum. It is reported by The Telegraph.

Since January 2021, scientists have been exploring the remains of the ancient amphitheater’s sewer system.

In the course of their work, archaeologists found the remains of food from spectators who visited the Colosseum about 2 thousand years ago, as well as the bones of animals that participated in the battles.

In particular, the researchers found the bones of dogs. The animals were less than 30 cm in height and had an elongated body. It is assumed that they performed acrobatic stunts or participated in staged hunting.

“It is possible that a pack of such dogs often opposed bears or other large animals. We do not know for sure, we can only say that the remains found belong to the ancestors of modern dachshunds, ”the scientists noted.

The modern breed of dachshunds appeared at the beginning of the 18th century in Germany and was bred in order to descend into holes and hunt badgers.


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