Archaeologists have found an Aztec burial of a child with a knife in his head

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1337, on the territory of modern Mexico City, the Aztecs founded the city of Tlatelolco. It was there that specialists managed to find a very unusual burial. Excavations in this region began in the last century. The largest find was made only in 2008.

This is reported by the Bienvenidos al INAH.

Archaeologists have found a burial of a collective nature, in which 49 people were present at once, who died during the Spanish conquest. A feature of the grave is that all the bodies were located on their backs, and their arms were crossed over their chest.

In this case, huge cactus leaves were used as coffins. Most of the deceased are young, tall men who are believed to have been warriors. The bones of two children, an old man and a teenager, were also found in the grave.

Some time ago we managed to find the ruins of a residential area. There was a special sector in it, where all kinds of rituals were carried out. There were also discovered a large number of ceramic vessels and human remains.

Special attention of specialists was attracted by the strange burial of the child. He was covered with a small specific plate, and in his skull was an obsidian knife, the length of the blade of which reached 15 centimeters.

At the same time, a small fragment of flint remained in the child’s cervical spine. In the mouth, archaeologists noticed a green stone, which most likely was a replacement for a molar.

At the moment, it is not known whether this was a sacrifice or whether the strange objects found in the burial are just a tribute to an incomprehensible cult. The Aztecs regularly sacrificed people. Children and women were no exception. Most often, children were presented to the gods of fertility and it was this rite that was performed with the help of a special obsidian knife.


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